Quedra L-MAN-N10 Log Management and Security Software

Features of Log Management and Storage Software within the Scope of Relevant Law

  • 01 What is L-MAN N10?

    Quedra L-MAN N10 provides network and user gestures for 10 network devices. Tracing, reporting, log management and storage providing secure storage is software. Retrospective review in accordance with Law No. 5651 can provide.

  • "The Regulation of Publications on the Internet and This Law on Combating Crimes Committed Through Broadcasting" May 23 It will be published in the Official Gazette numbered 26530 in 2007. Graduates. Law No. 5651 on Broadcasts on the Internet The system system is a system of order and control and is also Fighting against crimes committed through broadcasting is law. Within the scope of this law, it is obligatory for every business to have internet records. should be.

    • Real-Time Tracking of All Movements and Security Events in Your Network
    • Recording Log Records Received Over Network Traffic, Storing According to Time Stamp
    • Procurement of Official Evidence for Forensic Events
    • Next Generation Advanced Log Collection Engine
    • Easy Installation and Activation,
    • Archiving and compression.

  • L-MAN N10 Windows Setup (x86 / x64) Download